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Access Control

Protecting Access, Exercising Control

Access Control is not only important to many businesses, it’s imperative. Unauthorized access can be incredibly detrimental to growth, with privacy issues at constant stake. Valley Security & Alarm offers multiple product lines of full Access Control Systems. Depending on the application — whether you need keyless entry for a single door or for a multi-site operation — Valley Security & Alarm can design and install the right custom solution for you to protect your company’s future.

Access Control System

Valley Security & Alarm can integrate your Access Control System with complementing video and intrusion systems. We support traditional systems like Honeywell, and utilizing Isonas Security Systems, Valley Security & Alarm offers full IP solutions that are at the forefront of today’s technology.

Benefits for Our Customers:

  • Know who is coming and going at your place of business
  • Protect your business’ proprietary information
  • Can be expanded or contracted as needed
  • Works well with other integrated systems
  • Much more!