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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

State-of-the-Art Systems, Maximizing Budgets

Valley Security & Alarm offers Closed Circuit Television Systems that are fully customizable, featuring state-of-the-art cameras, digital and network video recorders and monitors. Our systems utilize cutting-edge technologies from the most respected names in the CCTV industry. Valley Security & Alarm packages are engineered to meet your individual needs, while maximizing your budget. This can be affordably accomplished by integrating CCTV into your existing intrusion system to provide you an economic, comprehensive, security solution.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Utilizing the latest technology, our system captures events in “real time.” When Your alarm is activated, you receive a text letting you know of the intrusion, at which time you can “live view” the event through your cameras. You are also able to record and receive video of what the caused the alarm to be activated in the first place.

Simultaneously, an operator receives notification, and immediately views the camera’s action as well. If needed, they will also notify and dispatch the police to your place of business. It should be noted that on average, the police response time is 85% faster when responding to a verified security alarm breach than without one.

Benefits for Our Customers:

  • There is no proprietary software or firmware — our system is entirely browser based
  • Passive video systems become active video with our Central Station Services
  • In addition to “Break-In” and “Hold-Up” notification, you can also receive alertsvideoguard2a
  • Alerts can show you video of who armed or disarmed your system
  • Notifications can show when your store or office is opening, closing, etc.
  • Enjoy live views from all cameras from a PC, Mac, Droid, or iPhone – anytime,
  • Multi-location access from the same login
  • Much more!

VideoGuard Catches Criminals in the Act!
These criminals were caught in action breaking into a site under construction in a multi-tenant building. With our NEW VideoGuard service, the customer was able to view the events himself directly on his phone. By the time the customer arrived on the scene, he witnessed the suspects already in handcuffs on the curb, in police custody.