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The Safety of Fire Protection

Fire Protection and AES IntelliNet Radio

Regardless of your business, budget or facility size, fire detection and prevention are critical to protecting a company’s future. Valley Security & Alarm offers custom fire alarm packages to ensure the safety of your staff and facilities, as well as your valuable property.

With this utmost goal in mind, Valley Security & Alarm employs full-time fire inspectors to provide required inspections of your fire alarm system. In addition, your business can eliminate expensive phone lines and save money with our AES IntelliNet Radio System.

AES IntelliNet Radio

Comprised of wireless mesh networking technology, this system allows for fast communication of both fire alarm signals to the proper parties, as well as notification of intrusions and break-ins. Delivering results with a high level of reliability, this incredibly powerful technology does so at an extremely low cost of ownership.

For more information on AES IntelliNet Radio:

How It Works
A remote transceiver is used to monitor each alarm panel, with each transceiver relaying data to the Central Station receiver via radio transmission. Each radio becomes a repeater, creating multiple paths from the site to the Central Station. The network dynamically and automatically adapts to changes in the network caused by weather or obstruction changes.

Benefits for Our Customers:

  • Save money (eliminate phone line cost) – average of 48% savings!
  • Redundancy (more paths than traditional phone lines)
  • No risk of sunset as with GSM and POTS
  • Serves as a stand-alone Control Panel in many cases
  • Integrates with most manufacturers panels
  • Highest transmission reliability & speed
  • Much more!